Still not convinced KH Edits is right for you? Just take a look at a few of these reviews of my previous work!

In a bind, needed edits. This person delivered great work! Definitely will use again!
— Jenna
Thanks Kim! Your turn around time was amazing and you delivered just what I needed. Will definitely be using you again. Appreciate it!
— Dave
I’ve always enjoyed working with Kim. She delivers on time and when not clear on what it is I want, she’ll ask. Thanks Kim. Great job again. See you next time.
— Kingsley
Super fast delivery, always a great experience to work with!! Highly recommend to anyone who has editing needs!
— Triton
The accuracy, the effort, the communication, the turnaround time, the everything... I love it all! Great work!
— C.P.
To be honest I did not exactly know what I wanted, all I knew is that I wanted it to be good. I had bits and pieces of things that I would like but ultimately I relied on the contractors creativity to deliver a product based on the limited information and she blew it away. I’m looking forward to the next project . Good job
— A.L.
ABSOLUTELY SUPERB! Thank you so much - it’s exactly what I wanted - it’s perfect! I highly recommend this seller: excellent communication, prompt delivery, video looks exactly the way I wanted it to. I could not be happier.
— Pamela
Thank you so much you did a fabulous job editing my trailer!!! I will definitely use you when I need video editing.
— Alex
Pretty much my go-to person for all my video edit needs! Another excellent job and delivered in a very prompt manner.
— T.B.
I would definitely recommend Kim to anyone looking for great video editing skills! She delivers on time and presents quality work!
— Barbara
This seller is amazing! She made the impossible, possible! Completed the project and modification within the same day! Very nice, helpful and knows what she is doing! Will definitely purchase again!!!
— M.C.