1. Do you have any samples of previous work?

       Click here to see my portfolio.

2. Can you do a custom sample for me so I know that you can do what I need?

      Sure, but you'll need to pay 10% of the project fee. This won't be a full video, but merely a taste of what I can do. If you're not satisfied, I'll happily give you a refund. (Note that you will not be given permission to download the video.)

3. How can I be sure my video won't be flagged for copyright infringement?

        Rest assured that I will always use royalty free music and stock footage when necessary.

4. How can I get my footage to you?

       Send your footage through Google Drive or WeTransfer.

5. Can you upload my video to YouTube for me?

       Nope. My job is to edit your video then send it back to you to do as you please. I choose not to upload videos for my clients because there are people out there that think it would be fun to accuse me of hacking their account and

messing with their stuff. I'd like to avoid those people as much as possible.

6. Can you teach me how to edit?

       I don't offer tutorial services. However, if you're a Premiere Pro user like me, I highly recommend checking out Premiere Gal on YouTube!

7. How long will it take you to get my video done?

       Delivery time varies depending on the project, but I do my best to deliver within 3 days of receiving a filled out agreement form. 24 hour delivery is available upon request for an additional fee.